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Quality management system

In December 2006, the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (AENOR), certified that the quality management system adopted by ACSUCYL for managing quality assessment of higher education, specifically assessment of teaching staff, degrees and research, complies with the requirements of UNE-EN ISO 9001. Together with this certificate, ACSUCYL was also awarded the IQNet certificate which confers international recognition on the AENOR certificate.

By being awarded this certificate, ACSUCYL is able to guarantee that the activities it carries out are conducted in accordance with an internationally recognised quality management system, thereby ensuring the proper functioning of the processes it is engaged in. In addition, this also ensures the participation and involvement of all ACSUCYL staff as well as the Agency's commitment to ongoing improvement in all the activities in which it is working.

Since the certificate was issued, the Agency has undergone annual follow-up audits and renewal audits each four years as set out under the applicable legislation.

The eight years in which no deviations have been found in the system bear testimony to the sound management thereof and to the quality with which ACSUCYL goes about its work. It is worth noting that the audit reports repeatedly underscore the detail with which the various processes are defined and the system for pinpointing improvements, as well as staff involvement.

The latest audit was conducted in December 2015. On this particular occasion, and in addition to those points already mentioned, AENOR highlighted the Agency's computer application for the management and control of renewal of university degree accreditation, the consistency between annual objectives and operational objectives, strategic objectives and main axes of the 2014-2019 Strategic Plan as well as the results obtained when gauging the level of satisfaction of evaluators and those evaluated alike, carrying out a detailed and segmented analysis.

In 2016, the Agency will be working to update its system in accordance with the revised rules published in 2015.


Process map of quality management system.


In order to undertake a follow up of the evaluation processes included in the System, ACSUCYL has defined some indicators that provide the necessary information to identify the improvements to be included in each process.


Indicators of evaluation processes.

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